What type of memberships does the pool offer? Click HERE

I want to have a party at the pool, what do I need to do? Click HERE and then reserve the date on the calendar. You may reserve the pavilion or the baby pool area. You will then receive an emailed link to submit payment and party details. The reservation is not held until the $150 reservation fee is paid. This fee includes guest fees. Parties can have no more than 16 non-member guests. A party is defined as having 10 or more guests regardless of whether or not you reserve space.

Is there a waitlist for families to join the pool? Yes, although the length of time varies, there is currently a 6-7 year waitlist. To join the waitlist, please click HERE

Is there a waitlist for couples and singles to join the pool? Yes, there is also a waitlist for couples and singles, although it is currently shorter than the family waitlist. To join the waitlist, please click HERE

Where do I view my spot on the waitlist? Our current system does not permit us to include your waitlist spot in your account. The pool will send an updated waitlist prior to the start of the season.

Are we able to switch from a couple membership to family membership? IT DEPENDS. If your membership number would qualify you for family membership, you are able to switch. Meaning, if your number is lower than, or within the range of, the offered family memberships for that year, you are eligible to switch. If not, you may have to return to the family waitlist AND forfeit your initiation fee until you are eligible for family membership. Our Articles require this, in order to prevent couples from “jumping” the family waitlist. You always have the option to stay on the family waitlist and avoid this scenario.

Is there an initiation fee? Yes, the non-refundable Membership Initiation Fee shall be as follows:
Family ………………………………………………………………. $1,078.00 ($1,000.00 plus tax)
Couple……………………………………………………………….. $1,078.00 ($1,000.00, plus tax)
Single ……………………………………………………………….. $539.00 ($500.00, plus tax)

When are bills due each year? You will receive an email outlining due dates. Failure to pay by the due date can result in loss of membership.

Can I bring a guest to the pool and how many guests can I bring? Yes, if the following conditions are met:

You must personally check in each guest at the front desk.

You must purchase a guest past on your account, prior to checking in at the front gate. This is to protect you from getting improperly billed for a guest that is incorrectly using your name to get in the pool.

Your can have up to 10 guests per day at a rate of $5/day/guest. A guest is any person that comes into the pool, regardless of age or if they are actually swimming or not.

If you have more than 10 guests, that is a party with a different set of rules that must be planned in advance.

Babysitters with your children cannot bring any guests even if they are other non-member children.

Each guest may attend the pool two times per month, maximum.

Where can I find the pool rules and regulations? The Rules are located on the “About Us” page HERE.

Where can I find the pool financial statements? The Financial Statements are located on the “About Us” page HERE.

What does going Inactive mean and how do I do it? Being Inactive means you want to put your membership on hold for the upcoming year (with no membership privileges that year). This will allow you to rejoin at any time without having to apply, you won’t have to go back on the waitlist, and you won’t pay the initiation fee again. This costs $75/year + tax and you need to tell the board by February 1st each year that you want to maintain this status or go back to active. Email mtlookoutswimclub@gmail.com to let the board know by February 1st.

What are the rules about a babysitter? Per our bylaws, babysitters must be 16 years old. This is an insurance and liability issue for the safety of the children and our pool. If you would like to add a babysitter, please add them on your account page. If the babysitter is under 21, they are not allowed at the pool with your children after 5pm. Also, a babysitter is only allowed admittance to the pool if they are babysitting. The babysitter is not allowed to check in guests.

How do I sign up for tennis lessons or clinics? Click HERE

How do I sign up for swim team? Click HERE

Am I allowed to bring rafts or inflatables to the pool? No, there are no rafts permitted at the pool, unless otherwise stated for an event.

Am I allowed to have food or beverages in the pool? No, there are no food or beverages allowed in the pool. This includes the stairs and the pool edges. This rule is to promote safety and cleanliness.